Kenjeran Beach


kecamatan Kenjeran di timur Surabaya, sekitar 9 Km dari pusat kota.

The beach is divided into two beaches Kenjeran, they Coast Kenjeran old and new. can be reached by road-Waru-Ahmad Yani Basuki Wonokromo-Rahmad-youth-Dharmahusada (Prof. Mustopo)-kalijudan/Mulyosari-Kenjeran activities can be done on the beach enjoying the panorama Kenjeran long is the beach, fishing, sailing, and buy marine fish. While activities in New Kenjeran Beach biada used for sporting activities, such as, tennis, Motor Racing, horse racing, swimming, fishing, Playground, and places of worship.There is also a very famous statue of the Four face Buddha statue in the Buddha statue represents four properties that are either from the Buddha, that is compassionate, fair and cheap-looking heart, meditation. This statue has a resemblance to the statue of Buddha in Bangkok. This magnificent sculpture became more because the ingredients for layer using pure gold statue that is directly imported from Thailand.