Api Tak Kunjung Padam (Eternal Fire)


Larangan Tokol village, Subdistrict Tlanakan. ± 5 km from Pamekasan City

The Natural wonders, Eternal Fire or Natural Fire

This object has a fascination by relying on natural wonders such as the Eternal Fire or Fire Alam, where the fire was coming from the soil when excavated will uncul fire by itself.

Tourist attractions that we can do, which can burn their own corn, fish etc that we carry or we can buy around the object.

In addition, there is also a natural fire sulfur springs that supposedly said to cure all kinds of skin diseases, and even researchers say sulfur water can be used as ingredients for cosmetics.

The ocal communities Linking tourism with thelegend of Ki Moko is considered the first to discover the fire and the natural sulfur springs in the jankah village.

Every full moon night in tourist locations is always crowded because there were pencak silat (martial arts) performances.

Sightseeing unflagging Fire is used as a camp site for students and student