Dieng Highland (Dieng Plateau)


Located in the northeastern  of Banjarnegara City, about 55km

It is a 2nd  tourist destination after Borobudur Temple.

The Dieng Plateau was a volcano  that erupted with a tremendous, now become a plain which is located on a mountain top or better known as “Dieng plateau”.

There is a place for worship and boarding education for Indonesia’s oldest Hindu religion amid of the Dieng Plateau in the past.

We can still see the most of these sacred buildings until now with a presence of the temple and the ruins of monastery.

From a tourist attraction, now we can see  8 temples. among other: Kawah Sikidang, Kawah Si Banteng, Kawah Sileri, Kawah Candradimuka, Telaga Balaikumbang, Telaga Medada, Telaga Siwi, Telaga Dringa, Telaga Sinila, Sumur Jala Tunda, Goa Jumut, Gangsiran Asmotoma.