Jantho Nature Reserve


Located about 50 Km. From the city of Jantho (capital of Aceh Besar district)

Protected areas for local government Nangroe Aceh Darussalam.

From Banda Aceh (NAD Provincial Capital) to the Nature Reserve area about 9 KM can be traversed by a private vehicle or public transportation.

Regions Jantho a protected nature reserve for local governments Nanggroe Aceh Darussalam.

A variety of flora and fauna living in this nature reserve.

The best visiting time is April until August (Dry Season) to enjoy the scenery / panoramic views.

A kind Flora that can be found among pine forests, Mampre, Jambu air, Gleum, Bremen, Sampang, Ara, Damar, Medang, Kayu hitam, Beringin, Meranti, Kandis, Rambutan hutan, Tampu, Ketapang, Medang ara, Lukup, Tampang, Lawang, Semiran, Anang, Jenarai, Kerakau, Rengen, Merbau.

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