Grave Of Sunan Ampel.


Jl. KH. Mas Masyur/Ampel Surabaya

Eat that have uniqueness as pilgrimage attraction.

Grave of Sunan Ampel was in Kelurahan, Kecamatan Ampel Semampir, Surabaya city. Due to its location in the middle of the city, the tomb of Sunan Ampel easily accessible by four-wheeled vehicles And two-wheelers.  This place is a lot of arriving pilgrims who want to visit the grave of Sunan Ampel Either from within the city maupundari out of the island. The tomb of Raden Mohammad Ali Rahmatullah or better known as Sunan Ampel, located behind the mosque. To reach the Tomb must go through a nine-arch, according to cardinal directions, symbolizing the wali songo or the nine guardians.  Three gate is the original building remains of Sunan Ampel. It is adjacent to the grave of his first wife, Mrs Condrowati, who was a descendant of King Brawijaya Five.  The uniqueness and value of historical Mosque is situated at the pole 16 penyangganya made of teak wood measuring 17 meters without a connection.Bahaya this is still solid, but its age is over 600 years old.