Mount Batur


Located in the Subdistrict Pulomerak

It is a Agro tourist destination that oriented to special interest tourism.

Can be taken about 10 minutes from the center of Cilegon ± 8 km distance.

It is a Agro tourist destination, which is oriented on special interest tourism, such as: Hiking, Camping Area, Flora and Fauna Study, jogging, kite hanging or hang gliding.

The condition of the road down to the lighthouse and well paved, welcome residents in the village of Mount Batur with a suave smile always decorated with frequently encountered towards the top of the mountain.

The house Architectural surrounded and confirmed the grove of trees mountain nature beauty and coolness is the proof of how fertile the land of Mount Batur.

From the top of the mountain we can enjoy the beautiful views, you will see the industrial, marine Sunda strait, the residents in the area, Cilegon and Merak.

When the night on the Mountain has an attraction in its own glow of lights Ferry boats and speed boats as well as the very charming, moonlight bouncing off the ripples of silvery sea.

At the foot of the mountain there are available  lodging facilities  from cheap to  star class hotel and restaurant.

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