Mount Bromo


Located on the fourth district: Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang and Lumajang

the sea of sand Valley covering 10 km2 crater with a 600-800m diameter. peak of the volcano (active) is 2.329m high

The scenery around Mount Bromo especially at sunrise. When the sky was predominantly reddish sheen with a combination of the pretty mountains and beautiful valleys. the strategic location to observation is at Penanjakan (2.292m high) a higher hill than the peak of Bromo and  its are the western side of Bromo .

After enjoying the sunrise view, your next activities is going down the hill Penanjakan for wade through the sea of sand either by walking, riding a horse lease.

arrival at the foot of the top of the crater we could climb around 250 steps of stairs … achhh really exciting.

do not miss to watching the smoke rising from the crater of Mount Bromo.