Hot Water Tourism


Cipanas village, subdistrics Cipanas (Jalan raya Bogor km ± 32)

Shower/soaking in hot water pools that many benefits.

with a strategic location on the edge of the highway. Shower/soaking in a pool of hot water beneficial: hot water contain sulfur which Cipanas relatively high so it is very effective for curing various skin diseases including acne cures. Can cure asthma, diseases of the bones, rheumatism, uric acid and others. Frequent bathing in a swimming bath/hot water body becomes fresh Cipanas fit and ageless.  Discharge water produced from several hot springs 6 liters/second which then accommodated first into a tub of shelter before then flowed into the swimming pool or wading pool/pool Fasillitas main attractions available at Cipanas Lebak hot water among others: wading pool/swimming pool measuring 25 x 20 M, with water temperature of 40ºc-60 º c. Pool/hot tub a 4 unit bathroom with water supply that flows continuously. Adequate parking area Home Stay in the surrounding communities.