Wisata Bahari Lamongan (WBL)


Located at Jl. Raya Paciran, Lamongan

the uniqueness of the results of the natural aspects of fusion

WBL stands on 14 November 2004, located on the shores of the northern part of p., Java comes with a uniqueness result WBL blend aspects of nature, culture and global theme with architect retaining local characteristic. Standing above a 17 acre land with facilities that are ready to pamper visitors with the concept of one stop service. Opened from Havana 8.30 until 16.30 WIB and facilities available are: parking area, restrooms and changing rooms, souvenir shop, which presents a wide range of excellent products typical of Lamongan, Sea Food Restaurant, fish market, the fruit and vegetable market cuisine (food court). To date 40 rides game WBL providing leisure and each year and will be presented by the 3 new rides.

Some rides featured in the WBL, among others:

Banana Boat, the movies Desperado, Rodeo, swimming pools, haunted house and so on.